Star in the skies to represent families coming together, the kids and the grandchildren are at the heart of this love story 


Celebrating a fabulous elopement to New York & Ido's on the Brooklyn Bridge 


The cutest puppy,  Positano memories & Tankardstown wedding of dreams .

Create a Masterpiece Moments Oil Painting inspired by your story

3 Key scenes recommended to capture your most special moments
Can you imagine how special it would be to receive a beautiful painting,
so personal & so unique & timeless 

Where you met? 
Your engagement
Wedding Venue 



  • Oil Painting
  • 16 " x 12" wood panel
  • Plus bespoke handmade frame
  • 3 key scenes recommended
  • Bridal details included
  • Includes p&p

*Ready for your wedding day
To secure availability in studio diary
Booking advised 12-18 months in advance of wedding date