Wedding Art is Ireland's Premier
Wedding Fine Art Specialist

Your story inspires the foundation of the painting .The Wedding Art Team  will  expertly create a one  off, timeless, fine art painting for you. Each  commissioned work is full of the beauty & meaning that relates  exclusively to  the  wedding couple. Collaborating with you  to discover all the  unique moments of your story so  far. Wedding Art will tell your tale like no other.   But where did it all start??? Wedding Art is absolutely inspired by friendship.I'm pleased to say our very best friend Ciara inspired Wedding Arts start when we   created our first really wedding painting . A few years passed & after a magic light bulb moment  looking back over the paintings we had created for many family    & friends since then.Right before our eyes we could see the fabulous foundations of  wedding art.  We wanted to share the opportunity to create timeless &  meaningful  paintings ,Where wonderful gifts could become family heir looms.  Wedding Art is the perfect way to let wedding couples, their family & friends and bridal parties enjoy the same experience. A  Wedding Art  fine painting is  the must have wedding highlight for every wedding couple this year 2017!!!!